A Floral Spotlight: The Irresistible Queen of the Gardens

Oh where to begin! Mom met Nan at a floral design class before The Marmalade Lily was even a twinkle in our eyes! She immediately drew us in with her insane passion for flowers, and we quickly became flower buddies. The next time we crossed paths was at the ASCFG conference, which stands for Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers. This organization provides a wealth of resources, networking, and marketing opportunities for flower farmers. Nan has provided us with gorgeous dahlias in years past and has now joined our staff as our resident dahlia expert. She has been on the Slow Flowers Podcast, attends a variety of flower shows and conferences around the country, and has studied under the likes of Floret and Francoise Weeks!

A Floral Spotlight: The Irresistible Queen of the Gardens2022-05-23T21:04:40+00:00
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