Meet The Lily Crew

Our Experienced Wedding & Floralist Team

The Marmalade Lily began as a part-time creative hobby for the owner, Laura, and quickly progressed into a thriving floral and event venue to share the beauty and creativity of floral design with others. The venue is set on our 9-acre flower farm with a pond and barn. Guests love attending events here, and we always see them meandering around the gardens with their hors d’oeuvres in hand.

Our couples love to scatter hi-tops, lawn games, photo booths, and vintage furniture throughout the many little flower gardens. We’ll meet with you for personalized consultations at least twice (and once for other special events) to customize your floral designs, floor plans, and anything else you need assistance planning. Hosting special events for loved ones doesn’t often happen in life, and we want to treat you like family and create an event for you that’s super fun and well-planned! Our in-house floral design is the icing on the cake of all of this…we have a vested interest in making them spectacular!


Wedding Coordinator


Working at TML is the dream job I never knew that I wanted! Since my start here in 2016, I have loved working alongside the Lily Crew to make our client’s dreams come true! Being the behind-the-scenes gal, I have the privilege of seeing all the details come together over time! It’s thrilling to watch our Lily brides go from tour to booking with us, to moving through their one-on-one planning meetings, to their wedding days!

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Wedding Coordinator


This is my first season working with The Marmalade Lily, and I love every minute of it! I was a Lily bride myself last year, and I know first-hand how incredible this team of ladies is, and I am so blessed to be a part of it. It indeed was the best day ever! My love for weddings and florals started as a Pastry Chef, making beautiful cakes and desserts for wonderful couples and people celebrating significant events in their lives.

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mimi wedding coordinator

Wedding Coordinator


While I have many passions in life, weddings, events, and opportunities to offer my unique, personable hospitality brand are at the top. I love getting to know the couples we host personally so I can help them bring out their distinctive style and add a personality to each event. In my opinion, there is no such thing as a cookie-cutter wedding and my goal is to make the vision of the happiest day of your life a seamless reality.

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Wedding Coordinator


I’m currently in my third season at The Marmalade Lily and loving every second. Growing up, I adored watching my parents’ love for one another; that ignited my passion for weddings and the special bond that marriage holds. The planning process should be an enjoyable time, so I will help you tie up those loose ends and finalize all the fabulous details. My wish is that every couple’s wedding daydream will become a reality!

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Owner, Wedding & Floral Enthusiast


The Marmalade Lily began as a part-time hobby for me as a homeschool mom and quickly progressed into a thriving floral and event venue to share the beauty of floral design with others. The best part for me is meeting with the clients and getting my hands dirty in the ground planting new flowers. I have five grown children, 1 grandson, and a fantastic husband. My business is also my ministry. I have a heart for marriages staying together and always share my wisdom for a strong and happy marriage.

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Marketing & Social Media Enthusiast


Since The Marmalade Lily began, I have genuinely adored every day I have worked here alongside The Lily Crew! Whether designing an ad for The Knot magazine, creating a custom hairpiece for a bride, or collaborating with a fabulous vendor for a new workshop, the variety, and creative opportunities are bar none.

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Lead Floral Designer


People and flowers are two of my favorite things (coffee is a close contestant, though), so I love that I get to work with both in my role here at The Marmalade Lily. It is so exciting to work with the flowers in the gardens and watch them grow from seeds to blooms, but the absolute joy is sharing those flowers with our guests and U-cutters and enjoying the property with them.

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