We are delighted to share with you this guest post by the lovely photography duo, Chelsey + Jordan Photography! Chelsey and Jordan are a husband and wife wedding photography duo based in Cincinnati. They are THE premier up-and-coming wedding photography duo in town, which they credit to their professionalism, personalities, and skill. The Chelsey & Jordan bridal experience is one that their brides have RAVED about to their friends, families, and anyone else who will listen! Their brand has skyrocketed since its inception only a few years ago, already netting them multiple features in national wedding publications, a large referral network, and a budding wedding photography education program. If you’re looking for wedding photographers who will not only provide world class photos, but also a world class experience, look no further than Chelsey & Jordan!

Today they are sharing with us their thoughts about wedding flowers from a photographer’s perspective and how important it is to splurge on your wedding day bouquet, if anything else. And we cannot agree more! They have kindly included some annotated resources pointing out some features in bouquets they have shot so you can see exactly what they’re talking about! We hope you love this resource as much as we do! Please check out their website, Facebook & Instagram and follow them!




When you think about weddings, what words immediately come to mind? Dress! Bride! And, of course, flowers! Flowers are such a vital part of any wedding day – the right florals in the right locations can transform any venue into a fairy tale location. And, when thinking wedding flowers, what’s the first thing to come to mind? The bouquet, right? To us, a great bridal bouquet is one of the best details a Bride can have at her wedding. However, we’ve found that there’s a pretty drastic difference between a budget bouquet and a bouquet that has taken time, effort, sweat and tears to create. An elegant bouquet created by a professional florist is something you just can’t recreate with fake plastic flowers, and in our opinion is one of the most important investments you can make for your wedding. Why? We’ll tell you below. An elegant bouquet ties together your theme In our opinion, every wedding should have a theme, mood board, style, or at the very least specific colors that every detail should promote. The theme should be obvious to guests, and should transport them to the fairy tale world where you’re getting married. Since the Bride is the most important person on a wedding day, and she carries around the bouquet, the bouquet can be considered the most important piece of floral detail of the day. Since everyone is looking at it, it makes sense that a great wedding bouquet should scream yout theme! For instance, daisies, hydrangeas, and lilies are all beautiful flowers to build your bouquet around, but they each have a different look and feel to them. Investing in a great florist will be able to listen to what you want to convey, and create a beautiful bouquet that will perfectly match your theme. A great bouquet can make up for the lack of other flowers As anyone who has planned a wedding can tell you, weddings are expensive! Flowers are no exception to this rule – especially if you want to deck out your venue to the max. While we don’t necessarily agree with the sentiment, it’s easy to see why some Brides view flowers as an area to cut back on to help the budget. We recommend that, if you’re planning on cutting down on the amount of flowers at your wedding, that you invest in an amazing bouquet to compensate! A great bouquet can still totally transform your wedding, even if you don’t have flowers everywhere else. Guests attention will be drawn to the bouquet, and since the Bride will be carrying it around all day, they’ll all get plenty of opportunities to see it! While we definitely recommend buying ALL the flowers, one beautiful bouquet can go a long way. A stunning bouquet is GREAT for photography! Okay, so maybe this one is a little selfish on our end, but investing in a high end bouquet will put your photographer on cloud nine! Not only will the bouquet itself make for some amazing photos, but by including the bouquet in other detail shots, it’ll elevate the prettiness of those photos as well! The possibilities of photos with the bouquet are almost endless. A stunning bouquet will elevate Bride and Groom portraits, Bridal party photos, family photos, all of your detail photos, ceremony photos, reception photos…the list goes on and on. Any photographer that sets their eyes on a beautiful bouquet will want to make sure it’s a centerpiece of their photos throughout the day. And, since the bouquet is a visualization of your entire theme, your photographs will scream your theme as well! Bonus Tip: Include extra clippings! Another photography based tip: always ask your florist for extra clippings! Whether it be from the bouquet or other florals throughout your wedding, be sure your florist sets aside some additional stems and flowers for your photographer to use in your photos. Adding just a touch of these additional florals can really elevate just about any detail photo. Trust us – your photographer will thank you!

Favorite Bouquet 1


This was the bouquet we shot at our first Marmalade Lily wedding! It features a beautiful mix of pink tones and greens, which was perfect for a warm summer day wedding. Several different textures can be seen throughout, and they really make the bouquet pop!

Favorite Bouquet 2

This bouquet is on the softer, more romantic side. It features tons of greenery surrounding the actual flowers, which creates an illusion of a really large bouquet. This one was perfect for the whimsical and classy wedding it was made for.



Favorite Bouquet 3

How fun is this bouquet? Its bright, punchy colors offer a fun look. It has gorgeous florals and textures, making it look as though its cascading and very elegant. This one makes us think of wildflowers, which was perfect for this beach shoot!