Photo by Chelsey & Jordan Photography

Photo by Chelsey & Jordan Photography


Have you ever thought about it: there is a multi-billion dollar industry full of vendors selling their products and services to people who have likely never had experience in this industry before. Can you guess what industry I’m talking about? Yep, it’s the “Wedding World!”

With social media feeding us a bazillion ideas, setting innumerable standards to live up to, and straight up driving people like me crazy trying to plan their wedding, wouldn’t it be nice to hear what someone who has had experience with over 150 couples would honestly tell you? Wouldn’t you like to know what she thought mattered the most in the end to the couple and all the guests invited after that sparkler send-off?

Well, here’s your chance to hear what Laura has come to see as the most important items to add to your checklist before you say “I do.” Some may surprise you, but investing in the people you love will mean more than any amount of glitz and charm money can buy. We have a heart for marriages here at The Marmalade Lily, and we hope you will consider these suggestions before your special day rolls in!




I have had the privilege of walking alongside nearly 150 couples through their journey to the altar.  In this process, I have learned some key elements that are necessary for truly special and memorable weddings.  I hope you enjoy and benefit from some of the lessons I’ve learned over the years.


Did you know there is a correct way to argue?  Do you understand your partner’s love language?  Every couple can benefit from pre-marriage counseling.  I find couples that are being counseled by their churches or another outside source are more focused and in tune with one another.   At The Marmalade Lily, we gift each couple a marriage devotional book at their six month meeting to enjoy in the months leading up to their wedding.


It is helpful to create a deadline by which all planning must be finished. We recommend you hit a target goal of 30 days before your wedding.  This allows you to relax and mentally prepare for your special day. Indecision and last-minute changes to plans create unneeded stress when emotions are already high.


The prettiest weddings are those where the bride has chosen a few key personal decorative items and then let the flowers and venue carry the décor.  As you are thinking through your aesthetic, ask yourself if the decorative piece is impactful and supports your theme or just filler. How easy will set up and tear down be?  Edit out those items that are just filling space but have no special meaning or impact to your decor.

Photo by Okota

Photo by Okota

Should you include a corsage for your stepmom?  How about a boutonniere for that crazy uncle who drives you nuts?  Weddings are the perfect opportunity to reach out and let family know you appreciate them.  Your wedding is the perfect time for you to be gracious and forgiving of your friends, family, and co-workers.  You will enjoy the event much more knowing you have reached out and welcomed everyone.


Your wedding ceremony is the beginning of life-long memories together!  Take the time to really plan out your ceremony so it is personal, intimate, and truly special.  Write and read your vows to one another, take a moment to pray together during the ceremony or light a unity candle together.  These small moments allow you to slow down and be in the moment.


We love celebrations and our brides and grooms do too! But starting too early in the day leaves no energy and excitement for the actual wedding and reception.  Combine early festivities with alcohol, and your wedding party might not make it to the ceremony. (Yes, that has happened!) Enjoy the preparations and hours leading up to the ceremony but save the partying for the party.


It is essential that you create a notebook for organizing your wedding plans.  The Knot even has a wedding timeline you can use to make sure you are organized and on schedule.  At The Marmalade Lily, we provide planning documents for you to fill out prior to our meetings with you.  Get started early filling them out. They will keep you on track, organized and stress free!

Photo by Okota

Photo by Okota