I truly cannot believe it, but Natalie photographed our florals from one of our very first offsite weddings nearly five years ago! I’ve always loved and admired her ability to capture the perfect candid moments with such beautiful, natural lighting. I recognize her work immediately when I’m scrolling through social media: she has that clean and crisp look but with warmth and a nice hint of “moodiness” which I LOVE so much. When she took my own family photos, I also learned what a natural she is at making everyone (including my 1-year-old boy!) feel comfortable and happy. So when she came to me with her guest blog topic, I was like, “uh, YES, this is perfect!”

Please check out more of Natalie’s work on her website, Facebook & Instagram, “Like” and “Follow”! She is the sweetest person to work with, and if you have the pleasure of booking her for your next photoshoot, I know you will cherish the photos she captures as I do!




Hey there! I’m Natalie. I’m the owner and photographer at Veritas Studio Photography. I photograph weddings, families, seniors, and births. I can’t imagine specializing in just one of those categories, I adore them all and the variation of challenges it brings my way. Because I photograph so many different types of sessions and people I often run into LOTS of nervousness. I just wanted to give you a few questions you can ask yourself before and during your session to help you get comfy.


Your outfit should be comfortable, it should make you feel like a million bucks and, most importantly, it should be YOUR style. Sometimes, after searching countless Pinterest boards, it’s easy to walk away thinking you have to buy a certain neutral, flowy, button up dress or romper. But, if you like jeans and feel amazing in them, WEAR THE DANG JEANS! Find something that makes you feel like you.


Before your portrait session or wedding day, meet with your prospective photographers. I know that face to face meetings aren’t always an option but at least sit down to a video chat so you can get to know each other a little bit. Or better yet, go grab coffee or dinner. Let’s be honest, I’m an enneagram 1 so I wont be everyone’s cup of tea but if you like structure, organization, and plenty of interactive shots, we’re going to get along just fine!

You have to be able to trust your photographer when they ask you to do seemingly stupid things  for a great photo. (IE. Whisper your favorite sandwich topping in your significant other’s ear) I cant tell you how many people shoot me a “are you serious” glance but their favorite photos end up being form my silly prompts.


This is SO difficult. Try your very best to leave all negativity behind. If you’ve had an argument recently do your very best to think about the day your fiancé proposed, not the argument last week. You could also make a list of why you’re going to marry that person and carry it with you to the session. I PROMISE this will easily make you smile if it’s beginning to feel forced. If you can trust your photographer, leave all the stress behind, and think loving thoughts, you are well on your way to having a comfy, FUN portrait session.


One of the best pieces of advice I received about photographing others was to help them get “living room comfortable”. What exactly does that mean? For me, when my family is having our photos taken, I try my best to tune out the distractions, the chaos (HELLO 5 and 8 year olds) and instead try to focus on what our family feels like in the comfort of our own home. We like to cuddle, we laugh A LOT, we don’t get frustrated quite as easily as we tend to during a photo session. We’re just us. Forget about everything else and pretend you’re cuddling on the couch at home.

Most photographers I know would rather you looked LESS at the camera and more and the person you’re about to marry. I for one, like to tell my couples to NOT look at me unless I ask them to. We do always have to get at least one photograph for the mantle and grandma’s house, but most photographers want to capture your love as genuinely as possible, so forget the cameras and focus on the person or people you love most.


Lastly, if you’ve asked yourself all of these questions and you just feel awkward in a certain pose, PLEASE let us know! Did you know that most women have a preferred side? I can usually guess which one it is but, unless you tell me differently I may be positioning you in a way that you feel uncomfortable or even insecure. I want you to adore your photos as much as you always dreamed you would. So please let us know if you want to change things up a bit. Your engagement session is actually a great time to give us this feedback so we can be totally aware of your preferences during your wedding portraits.

I’m certain there are many other tricks and tips out there but it boils down to this… When you take the pressure off of being perfect and you realize your love being captured in a real way is what your children and grandchildren will look forward to reliving through your photos, that’s when you can relax and enjoy the experience.