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We met Brit from Brit Jaye Photography last wedding season and immediately fell in love with her eye and talent for color, details, and design. She definitely knows how to find just the right angle and get that amazing depth of field. If you’ve been here for a tour lately, you have seen our latest brochures feature lots of Brit’s photos…she just captures the venue and all the color so perfectly!

As anyone in the wedding business would tell you, you get to see a wide range of bridesmaid dress selections from traditional, full-length blush gowns to mix-matched, eclectic gowns and everything in between. I know when I was a bride, choosing bridesmaid dresses was much harder than I expected. My friends would be in so many of the photos and would help establish the overall aesthetic.

In this journal entry, Brit provides some helpful tips, options, and examples for selecting bridesmaid dresses that will photograph well and everyone will love!




When it comes to bridesmaid gowns, choosing the right dress for your whole squad can be a challenge. With many different skin tones and body types, it can be hard to please everyone with a single dress. You want to make sure all your girls feel their absolute best since you will be taking so many important photos together throughout the day. As a wedding photographer I have seen a ton of different bridal party looks. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you find the best bridesmaid dresses that will look amazing in your wedding photos.


Think of the future and go for a timeless look. Every season brings new fads and trends when it comes to bridal fashion. If you choose something overly trendy, your wedding photos could end up looking dated in the future. Any wedding photo from the 1980’s is easily identifiable with the puffy sleeves and ruffles all over. Choosing a simpler, more timeless look for your bridesmaids will help you to avoid this. As time goes on your photos will look classic instead of dated.


Another option for your bridesmaids that looks great in photos is to mix and match colors. Instead of choosing a single color, go with a color palette. Each girl can wear a different color, but they still look great all together. You can even just choose a 2-color concept, putting your Maid/Matron(s) of honor in a different color than your other bridesmaids to set them apart. This type of bridesmaid styling looks great in photos and gives each girl the opportunity to find a dress that makes her look and feel her best. When choosing your colors, keep in mind that yellows and light greens don’t tend to photograph very well. They reflect unwanted color casts back onto the skin.


Select dress cuts that suit a range of body types. Not every girl is going to feel amazing in the same dress. As women, we are just all so beautifully different. If you do decide that a single color is the look you are going for, choose a design that comes in slightly different cuts to flatter your whole squad. A lot of bridal boutiques offer the same color in lots of different dress designs. You can keep everyone’s look cohesive and flattering at the same time.


A huge trend lately has been to let your bridesmaids choose their own gown. This is totally fine! It ensures everyone can afford their dress and also increases the likelihood of the dress getting worn more than once- which is awesome! If you do let the bridesmaids choose their own dress, have them send you a photo before they actually buy. That way you can make sure everything still looks cohesive and no single person sticks out as having a color or length that is off from the rest.


More and more bridesmaids have been turning to online retailers when shopping for a dress. When buying online, read the reviews. People who have already purchased the gown can give valuable feedback on sizing and what the material is actually like. They will tell you if that gorgeous floor-length dress is actually tee-length and completely see-through. Finding a great dress when you can’t try before you buy is a little harder, but not impossible, and can be a great option. When looking at online reviews, look for photos that previous buyers took in natural light. This will give you an accurate idea for the actual color tone. A little research goes on a long way when purchasing a bridesmaid dress online.


There are so many different looks you can choose for your bridesmaids. Ultimately the best thing you can do is to help all your girls feel absolutely amazing. That feeling you get when you look your best translates into gorgeous photos with genuine smiles. Great bridal party photographs are always the result of truly authentic moments. So have fun together! From choosing your dresses to taking the photos together, the memories are what’s so important. Enjoy the journey and you will treasure the resulting photographs forever


Brit specializes in story-telling wedding photography that tells the unique story of each couple through the lens of their wedding day. With a degree in creative writing and 16 years of experience working in the professional photography world, she is truly someone you can trust to create beautiful memories. She has spent the last 6 years building her wedding-focused photography brand on the west coast where she was named one of the best photographers in San Diego. She recently moved to southern Ohio and is excited for a change of scenery. Her work has been published in many local and national publications including, Country Living, and The Knot. If you are looking for a high-end, stress-free photography experience with someone who just gets you- get in touch with Brit!