Q: When/how did your passion for flowers begin?

A: I have always loved flowers!  I remember the beautiful blue iris around my home when I was six years old.   Every Easter my parents would let me pick out a hyacinth flower to plant in the garden.  The smell always reminds me of Easter!  I have always had a garden wherever I have lived and they have just grown as I have gotten older.

Q: How would you describe your style?

 A: I LOVE color, texture, and all different styles.  I love it when I find varying hues within a color and put them all together in one textural, riotous bouquet!  I also enjoy the peace and simplicity of a bunch of white hydrangea in a blue vessel.  There is a place for every style.  Currently, I am studying the European floral design.   

Q: Do you grow all the flowers for weddings at The Marmalade Lily on the farm?

A: I do not grow all of the flowers we use in the arrangements.  We are a three-year-old,  small to medium scale flower farm.  It takes years to get the soil just right and understand the best practices for each variety of flower.  Every year we are increasing the amount of flowers we plant and in turn the amount we use in our designs.  We will never use solely our blooms as there are some flowers we cannot grow here in Ohio like waxflower, some of the eucalyptus, and flowers that need more arid conditions.

Q: Why did you decide to personally meet with every bride who is married at The Marmalade Lily to discuss and help guide their vision for their wedding flowers?

A: There are two primary reasons I meet with each bride personally two to three times before the wedding.  First, this is a very new experience for my brides!  Most have not been married before and need direction, suggestions and the knowledge I can share based upon my experience.  There are so many choices involved from flower selection to floor layout to wedding flow.  Second, I like to really get to know my brides, grooms and their families. This helps me to understand the vision they have for their wedding, their design preferences, budget, and special touches needed to make their wedding day personal and special.

Q: How do you design your pieces so that they reflect the bride/her vision/your style? Describe that process?

 A: Apart from viewing the photos provided and requests from the bride, I take note of her style, whether she is more conservative or creative in her appearance and lifestyle.  Her flower preferences indicate her style as well.  From there I make suggestions that align with her overall vision.  Some brides are clear on the exact design they wish and others defer to my experience.    I create a worksheet for the bride with all that we have discussed and floral suggestions for each piece.  It really is a creative and collaborative experience.

Q: Do you have any pet peeves about brides and their wedding flowers?

A: I really don’t have any pet peeves.  I have found brides are aware of seasonal availability and are flexible when it comes to entertaining other floral ideas.  That is what makes the creative process really fun!

Q: What’s the best advice you have for brides and their mothers for working together planning the flowers with you? 

A: When brides and moms arrive with photos of their preferences it helps me to see very clearly their wedding vibe and color preferences.   Also, prior to arriving for our meeting, think through those extra special folks you want to honor with a corsage or boutonniere.  That seems to be something that requires some thought.  Lastly, plan to have fun!

Q: Do you see steady trends popping up for weddings in 2018 at The Marmalade Lily?

A: We are starting to see brides stepping out and embracing some non-traditional blooms in their arrangements and bouquets!  Bespoke designs reflecting the natural bohemian vibe are very trendy right now.

Q: Your personal favorite color scheme for wedding florals?

A: Bright corals with teal are my favorite right now.  I think the Coral Charm Peony has something to do with my choice!

Q: What are your favorite spring wedding flowers?

A: Favorite spring flowers are tulips, flowering branches of any kind, ranunculus, peony, lilac.

Q: What are your favorite summer wedding flowers?

A: Favorite summer wedding flowers are lisianthus, stock ( for their smell!), Scabiosa, foxglove, ammi

Q: What are 5 of your favorite fall wedding flowers?

A: Favorite fall wedding flowers are Dahlias!, sunflowers, celosia, viburnum berries, burnished hydrangea.

Q: What are your favorite winter wedding flowers?

A: Favorite winter wedding flowers are amaryllis, ilex berries, burgundy roses, magnolia leaves